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The TORR stands out due to its meticulous design and premium construction. Every component, including parts, moulds, and extrusions, is purpose-built for the TORR umbrella, ensuring unmatched performance. The use of marine-grade materials, a unique triple inter-locking aluminium profile design, and stainless steel pivoting joints contribute to its exceptional strength and durability. The telescopic system allows closing over furniture, and sprung-loaded arms keep the cover taut. With these features and more, the TORR offers unrivalled quality.

Absolutely. The TORR is perfectly suited for larger, exposed areas such as coastal regions and rooftop terraces. Its robust construction and design make it an ideal choice for various commercial settings, including the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a hotel owner, café operator, or involved in any other business, the TORR provides efficient protection and a sleek design to enhance your outdoor space year-round.

The frame of the TORR is engineered for durability. Custom aluminium 6063 profiles, specifically designed by Torr’s engineers, create a lightweight yet sturdy solution for both commercial and high-end residential users. The frame comes with a standard 5-year guarantee, and for larger commercial projects, a custom powder coating service is available to provide an even more personalized touch.

The TORR XL parasols, over 5m square, feature a revolutionary canopy system. This system uses individual triangle sections that slide and lock into the rib’s profile. Hand-stitched by a UK-based sail maker using Recasens RECacril® fabric, these canopies offer exceptional colorfastness for 5 years. The unique design of the canopy system makes it stronger, more waterproof, and less taxing on the material and seams. Furthermore, the sectional design allows for easy replacement of sections, extending the lifespan and saving costs.